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Our Mission
Altima provides affordable, reliable and innovative products to offer solutions for its customers communications needs.
Our Values
Our Benefits
  • A variety of packages to choose from
  • Multilingual customer service
  • No-contract plans and monthly savings

À propos de Altima Telecom

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    Jan, 1996

    Altima Telecom’s predecessor, Altima.net, is founded in Montreal – a pioneer of independent residential and commercial dial-up and high-speed ADSL Internet providers.

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    Jan, 2004

    Altima begins to specialize in VoIP services due to partnerships with worldwide telecom providers.

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    Jan, 2009

    We acquire Altima.net and rename it Altima Telecom. A management system is developed to bring together the best of both worlds: Internet and VoIP services.

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    Jan, 2010

    Altima Telecom leads the way in terms of telephone accessibility to all Canadian cities and rural areas. To meet the needs of the Chinese community, Altima Telecom is able to select the most profitable suppliers, partners and equipment in order to provide the most competitive prices worldwide.

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    Jan, 2011

    With its growing customer base, Altima Telecom undergoes a network upgrade in order to offer customers the most secure Internet services. Following the re-launching of Internet services and residential telephony in Montreal and Toronto, Altima Telecom quickly gains the confidence local clientele’s confidence. At the same time, Altima Telecom begins to provide commercial quickly gains the confidence local clients.services such as Fibe, IP-PBX, colocation and web hosting.

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    Jan, 2012

    Altima Telecom launches cable Internet services in Quebec in collaboration with Videotron, thus providing customers with the most stable Internet service. So far, we are capable of providing cable Internet services at a speed of up to 200M. In Ontario and certain regions of Quebec where cable services are not available, Altima Telecom offers 6M ADSL and 7M to 50M Fibe.

  7. Jan, 2013

    A computer store in Montreal, near the l’ Église Metro station, joins Altima Telecom, and starts offers the sale and repair of electronic equipment, such as computers, cell phones and accessories. Altima Telecom also establishes a partnership with Shaw Communications, which opens the door for serving customers in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

  8. Jan, 2014

    By constantly striving to improve the quality of our services and broadening our scope, Altima Telecom never ceases developing new products and services. We have offered IPTV services to our multi-ethnic customer base since 2012. Our goal is to provide the very best phone, internet and IPTV products and services. In addition, we are open to your scrutiny as members of the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Service).