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Digital Home Phone

IP Phone

IP phone uses Internet as the transmission medium, while a conventional phone works on the public switched network. IP phone rates are much lower than those of a conventional phone.

  • Access to all major continents at affordable rates
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling
  • Features include Call Display, Call Waiting, Voicemail
  • Crisp, Clear Sound Over our VOIP network.


Subject price is after bundle discount.

Calling features

  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling: Talk as often as you want, whenever you want, with anyone, anywhere in Canada.
  • Call Display: See the phone number for inbound callers.
  • Call Waiting: Get notified who is calling when you are on the already on the phone, then place the first call on hold to take the second call.
  • Voicemail: Save as many as 100 voice messages so that you’ll never miss hearing from someone when you miss a call
  • Phone Number Porting: Keep your old phone number when you’re moving from another carrier.

911 Emergency Services

Description: IP telephone service allows customers to make or receive calls on the Internet from the public switched telephone network. Like traditional telephone services, the nature of IP telephone service has its limitations and special circumstances. Customers must recognize, understand and accept the differences between traditional telephone service and IP telephone service, particularly when it comes to the 911 emergency service. Due to the uniqueness of IP telephone service, 911 emergency calls are treated differently by Altima Telecom. The client must recognize and understand the undermentioned provisions with regard to the differences and limitations related to 911 emergency calls, and that Altima Telecom cannot treat them in the same manner as traditional telephone service. The following general conditions outline the fundamental differences between traditional 911 emergency services and Altima Telecom’s 911 emergency services. The customer agrees to consult these provisions in their entirety.

Making 911 calls: When a customer calls 911, Altima Telecom attempts to route the call through a third party to a public-safety answering point (PSAP) corresponding to the address in the customer’s account. However, due to the limitations of the IP telephone service, the call may be routed to a PSAP different than the one that a traditional telephone service would. For example, the call may be redirected to a specialized third party that deals with emergency calls. This emergency call center is different from the PSAP that would normally answer the call after having automatically received the customer’s address. As a result, the caller will have to provide the call centre operator with his or her name, address and phone number.

How your coordinates are transmitted: Altima Telecom will attempt to automatically forward your account information to the PSAP or emergency call centre. However, the caller must immediately communicate his or her whereabouts at the time of the call or the location of the emergency. If the caller is unable to speak, dispatcher may be unable to find or determine the location if the address on the account is not up to date. Failure to update account information will result in the operator having to assume the emergency is occurring at the address linked to the account.

Accuracy of the information: Customers are responsible for providing their personal information and updating it as needed, including their name, address and phone number. Failure to provide the correct address and to notify us of any changes may result in the emergency call being redirected to the wrong emergency call centre. For example, if a customer changes the address linked to his or her Broadfone or Broadfone service, access to 911 emergency services will be compromised. Customers must notify Altima Telecom by e-mail or telephone of any changes to their address or to the address linked to their Broadfone, and provide the most up to date personal information. Failure to do so will affect proper functioning and accessibility to 911 emergency services.

911 Note for auto-attendant customers: Please note that for auto-attendant customers and their associated branches, only the phone number and address of the main branch will be recorded on the file.

Disconnections: Seeing as the dispatcher may not have the caller’s phone number, it is important not to disconnect an emergency call until the dispatcher indicates to do so. If the caller unintentionally loses contact, he or she must call back immediately.

Connection time: For technical reasons, including network congestion, when making a 911 call, it is possible to get a busy signal or to have longer waiting time than with traditional 911 calls.

Failure to connect: It may be impossible to make 911 calls. For technical reasons, a 911 call may be impossible to make or limited in, but not limited to, the following situations:

    • If your IP telephone service is malfunctioning for any reason, including a power failure, an interruption of IP telephone service, suspension or deactivation of service due to payment issues, network or Internet congestion.
    • A network or Internet breakdown due to a power outage, or a service or network interruption. You may need to restart or reconfigure your devices before being able to use your IP telephone service or make a 911 call.
  • A change in location; i.e. if you install your system access equipment at an address different than the one indicated on your account.

Consequently, it is strongly recommended to have a backup power system, such a UPS power supply.

Informing other users: The customer must perfectly understand the limitations of the 911 service as described in this document, and is responsible of advising any user or potential user of the IP telephone service of these limitations.

Liability: Customers are asked to consult this section outlining Altima Telecom’s limitation of liability.

The Customer confirms having read and accepted the aforementioned differences in 911 Emergency services

In accepting these conditions, the customer accepts Altima Telecom’s IP telephone service under these terms and waives any claim or cause of action against Altima Telecom, its affiliates, sous-jacents suppliers, administrators, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors, licensors and suppliers resulting from or relating to 911 services for Broadphone Computer Service or Altima Telecom Broadfone. The customer agrees to indemnify, defend and free the previously mentioned parties of all responsibility in the case of damage claims of damage including legal fees. The indemnification of the customer in this section will follow the termination of the contract.

Collect Calls and Operator Assistance

Altima Telecom does not currently offer collect-calls service or operator assistance.

Broadband Service

The customer recognizes and understands that service outages from the part of his or her broadband Internet provider will prevent Altima Telecom’s services from functioning.

Loss of Service Due to Power Outage

The customer recognizes and understands that service will not be functional during a power outage and will resume once power is restored. At this point, reconfiguration will be necessary before service can be restored.

Service Disruption Due to Account Suspension

The customer recognizes and understands that service disruption due to the suspension of an account in the event of billing problems will prevent the functioning of all services.

Other Service Disruptions

The customer recognizes and understands that if service is disrupted for any reason, all Altima services will not function, including 911 services.

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